Monday, 12 July 2010


Mock me if you like, but I felt like calling my first entry "preface". I must say I've always wanted to write a book, and since I haven't written any books... not even a page, I suppose I must have poured some of my frustration into this entry. But fear not, ladies and gentlemen, I won't bore you with my stories. I will merely dedicate this blog to writing short reviews and some thoughts, whenever I fancy, touching different subjects, mostly having to do with the English language -whether dealing with books or film adaptations, or with linguistic matters, e.g. Global English, learning and teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language, etc.

Today, I present you with quite a short review of a film I watched pretty recently and which I enjoyed, as much as I enjoyed all other Shakespearean comedies -film adaptations- in which Kenneth Branagh was envolved, either playing a role as an actor or, as in this case, directing the film.

As You Like It (2006)

The brand new film adaptation of the homonym Shakespearean comedy, by Kenneth Branagh, truly accurately reflects the atmosphere with which the Elizabethan playwright endows his comedies. Furthermore, the film combines everyday monastic and pastoral life with the pomp of the British court, somehow veiled by the mystery -and concealed behind the screens- of Japanese culture.

As You Like It - Trailer

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