Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Comparative Corpus-Aided Analysis of American and British English: A Case Study of Slang

Abstract: This MA thesis should be set against the background of linguistic Globalisation and its diffusion through the media. The mass media allow for linguistic shifts taking place in American English to spread to other World Englishes (above all on the levels of syntax and lexis) as a result of an increasing trend towards colloquialisation, Americanisation and a more democratic model of (power) relationships. The present dissertation constitutes a corpus-based study that analyses the frequency of use of a series of grammatical structures and lexical items in American and British English, particularly focusing on American slang. The study takes as a basis chiefly audiovisual corpora in parallel to which real linguistic data (drawn from a survey on slang) are examined. Results provide evidence of the so called Americanisation of other World Englishes, among them, British English, and that this influence can be observed in both written and audiovisual corpora.

World Englishes
  Hernando Carnicero, Carmen. “A Comparative Corpus-Aided Analysis of American and British English: A Case Study of Slang.” MA Diss. Universidad de Extremadura. Cáceres, Dec. 2009.


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